Visit Vilseck an appealing town!

Vilseck is a historical charged town, with tower armored fortifications, a one-thousand-year-old mighty castle, centuries old stately homes, glorious churches, pretty chapels and many dreamy corners: Vilseck holds the tranquillity of a small town, grown in the Middle Ages, but is continuing its impressive old town image until today. Today, the "Erste Deutsche Türmermuseum", (First German Tower Nightwatchman Museum) is integrated in the Vogelturm.

Historical Tour
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Vilseck, rich in historical culture and constitution

City constructors certify Vilseck as a place of interest with extraordinary qualities in terms of cultural history and cultural assets. Within the preserved fortification are still 60 historical buildings, most remaining in good condition. Bavarian government conservators are raving about Vilseck´s exceptionally dense, late romanic/gothic style city with a quality very rare in the upper palatinate (Oberpfalz).


Historical Guided City Tours
Duration: ca. 1.5 hrs
price per group:
Classic guided tour (German)
30.00 Euro
Tour with Nightwatchman and torches (German)
45.00 Euro
Classic guided tour (English)
30.00 Euro

Registration for city tours at Stadt Vilseck (City of Vilseck), phone: 09662-99-0 or at the Heimat- und Kulturverein (Home- and Culture Assosiaction), Mrs. Elisabeth Hammer, Herrengasse 2, 92249 Vilseck, phone: 09662-1212.

Rural idyll

Vilseck also stands for rural idyllic scenes in dozens of villages, hamlets and solitudes; this is the charming hilly landscape with many ponds, extensive forests, intact nature with living space for many rare animals and plants.

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Hiking trails

A wide network of well marked hiking trails encourages the visitors to challenge the surrounding areas. Most of the trails run through the 35 villages of the city, but primarily they offer a wonderful piece of earth with a peculiar charm. From the gentle mountain ranges with its, in parts sloping valley borders, a gorgeous view, far into the country, is offered.

Geographical location

The Vils River divides the community into a larger part in the north and a smaller one in the south. The northern part forms a rising board (401 m to 426 m above sea level) from east to west, with much lower borders, (395 m above sea level). The southern part accumulates from west to south, (395 m above sea level) coming up of the Vils valley to 450 m above sea level, while the eastern part is sloping gentle itself. The surrounding hills in this region are foothills of the Fichtelgebirge, the Oberpfälzer Wald and the Fränkische Jura. So, the surrounding area shapes a dell with Vilseck being embedded in the lowest spot.


Enjoy easygoing wandering in this region. Feel the characteristics of this scenery. Assimilate the peacefulness and reenergize yourself. If you ask local nationals, you can find out a lot about "Marterl" (shrines) next to the paths. In many villages, you are able to discover still existing history. In Ebersbach, for example, you can hear the people talk about a "Bamberger" and a "Pfälzer" side, what reminds on past times with two different rulers. Also very possible is the plangent pointing of an elder person to the north, showing the missing of the places, which had to be given away for the military training area. Possibly you want to join a tour through the training area. Every once a while "no man's land" tours are offered to view the last relics of the once beloved home. This also could be one of many reasons to visit Vilseck. You are always very welcome in Vilseck.

For further information, please contact

Stadtverwaltung Vilseck, (City Administration)
Marktplatz 13
92249 Vilseck

Phone: 09662/99-0 (phone exchange) 09662/99-27 or 09662/99-28 Einwohnermeldeamt (Registry Department)
Fax: 09662/99-19